Reasons Bail Could Be Refused In Van Nuys

When someone you care about has been arrested, naturally the first thing you will want to do is to help get them out of jail. Due to the fact that bail amounts in California are so high, most people are unable to raise the bail amount by themselves. This is when they will seek the assistance of a professional bail bonds Van Nuys firm.

Normally, a defendant will find out after the booking process whether they will be eligible for bail or not. If they are eligible, they will be permitted to make one phone call after the booking process to try and get some assistance. Usually, the defendant will contact a family member or close friend. The amount that bail is set at will depend on the crime that the defendant has been charged with and in conjunction with that respective county’s own bail schedule.

Nobody should ever assume that bail will automatically be granted. There are a number of reasons that bail can be denied:

  • Seriousness of the crime

  • Prior jail escape attempts

  • Threat to the community

  • Flight Risk

There are other reasons why bail can be refused, and of course if a defendant chooses to remain in custody until their court date for the purpose of seeking a lower bail amount, they are also taking the risk of having bail raised higher, or even refused. It is never advised to remain in custody to seek a lower bail amount. There is absolutely no guarantee this will be granted.

If a defendant does not follow all the conditions associated with their bail while out on bail, bail will be revoked, a bench warrant issued, and they will never be eligible for bail again. It should go without saying that being granted bail is not a right, it is a privilege and should be treated as such.

When a defendant, and/or their family chooses to use a bail bonds company such as ours to assist with the release of a defendant, we can also attach conditions to the bail bond. If the defendant fails to meet these conditions, we can also have the bail revoked, which will end up seeing the defendant back in jail.

As the majority of defendants and their families seek the assistance of a bail bonds company first, it is advised to make sure you understand all the conditions that will be associated with the bail bond. The defendant in reality, becomes answerable to the bail bonds company once they have signed the paperwork.

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