Securing A Bail Bond In Van Nuys

Van Nuys Bail Bonds is the premium bail bonds company in Southern California, and for a very good reason. Offering unsurpassed services to individuals who have been arrested, has given us an enviable reputation. We will work in with each individual’s needs on a personalized level, to ensure that we can provide the best possible results.

A lot of people may not understand what a bail bond is, or even what is required to get one. When approaching a bail bonds company like ours for assistance, you will firstly need to qualify for assistance and agree to the terms and conditions set out by the company. Remember, this is about helping them, to help you.

Qualifying for a bail bond will very much depend on whether an arrested person has qualified for bail in the first instance. Depending on the charge/s, and whether there is a criminal history, and for what, will be a determining factor on whether the bail will be granted in the first place. If the bail is granted, the amount will again depend on what the person was arrested for, whether they are a flight risk, and a threat to the community. Each county in California sets their own bail schedule on an annual basis.

When the bail amount is determined, as well as any conditions set down by the judge, (if any), Van Nuys Bail Bonds can start working in with the defendant, and/or their family to organize their release. First the non refundable fee has to be paid. The fee for services is usually around 10% of the total amount of the bail. Our bail bonds company will work in with qualifying clients and can even organize a payment plan for the fee.

Following is a list of terms you should familiarize yourself with when applying for a bail bond, and what they mean:

  • Co-signer: The co-signer is a person who agrees to take responsibility for payment should the arrested person fail to follow the bail bond agreement. In the event that the defendant skips their scheduled court date, or even runs, they have violated the terms of their bail bond. The co-signer is then held financially responsible.

  • Credit History: Just like applying for a loan, the credit history of any client, and/or co-signer is important. A good credit history will of course indicate that the client and/or co-signer will respect and honor the agreement.

  • Work History: The employment history of co-signers is also something that may be taken into consideration. It is always preferred that the co-signer is someone who has a reliable job history, due to the fact that they will be financially responsible if the defendant fails to meet the terms of the agreement.

Van Nuys Bail Bonds is well known for working in with clients, even though they may not meet all the qualifying criteria. However, the defendant needs to understand that if they do the wrong thing, they are also putting co-signers in a very difficult situation. A bail bond agreement should never be taken lightly, or thought of as a “get out of jail free” card.

So, should you find yourself in a situation where you need the best bail bonds company available, call us immediately on (818) 804-3012 . As we avail ourselves on a 24/7 basis, you are assured of getting the assistance you need. Our website also contains even more valuable information.